How to set proxy server and port in ftp path


I'd like to ftp connecting using command line

"C:\program files\gpsoftware\directory opus\dopusrt.exe" /cmd Go ftp://test:test@xx.xx.xx.xx

but I have to set proxy param(Method, Host, Port)

How do I set proxy param ftp path?


As far as I know, proxy settings can only be set up via FTP Address Book entries. (It's possible the default settings may work when launching sites via ftp:// URLs, but I can't easily confirm that, and it won't work if you need different proxy settings for each site.)

It may be possible to generate FTP Address Book entries on the fly from outside of Opus, if there's a need for them to be made and triggered from outside the program and without using the UI.

Do you have any plan to implement command line for ftp setting without UI?

No plans currently. If some people with linked accounts request it, we may consider adding it.