How to set Send To, to see ALL Attached Drives?


Currently, I can only see the Network Drives (NAS) in the Send To listing.
How can I ensure it always lists all attached Drives? I have a permanently attached external drive of 3 drive partitions I keep relevant files/backups on and I would like to see these in the Send To list, as it shows me in Windows Explorer 'Send To'.
Any suggestions?

If you make shortcuts to those drives in your Sent To folder, they should appear in the menu.

But you can also make toolbar buttons and hotkeys to copy things to particular locations in Opus, which can be a lot more convenient than having to go into a sub-menu off the (often cluttered) right-click menu.

Thank you for your reply.
On another off topic note. I registered this account, and when I tried to add the DOpus Registration Number, to link the accounts, it said it already existed! How can I retrieve the original account name (I think I already know the account password, etc) that goes with the DOpus Regsitration Key?

Many thanks for your help. Much appreciated.