How to sort photos quickly without repetitive tapping on spacebar

Hi, I hope you are safe from COVID. My name is Ben. I thought to share my workflow to quickly view each photo in full screen and eliminate the repetitive hassle of tapping the spacebar key one by one to go to the next photo.

Simply use Logitech gaming mice or other macro software to assign macro to the mice button. The macro will be based on the "toggle" function. When the user clicked on mice button, the macro will auto-execute the spacebar command with a preset time delay and repeat the macro. This allow the user to browse the photos like a slideshow but with a controllable time delay to the user's comfort level or faster for efficiencies.

Once you have spotted your preferred photo for editing or organisation, you can stop the macro by clicking the same mice button again and perform your file manipulations.

I hope this help. If you have an easier or better way, please share.

Jianfa Ben Tsai

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You can do this a bit more easily, without any custom mouse macros.

The viewer has a built-in slideshow mode. You can configure the time delay under Preferences / Viewer / Behavior. Within the viewer, by default, the S key (or View > Slideshow in the menus) toggles slideshow mode on and off, but you can edit the hotkeys and menus/toolbars to change that to something else if you wish.

Thanks Leo :slight_smile: