How to stop dopus launching maximized?

How do I make dopus remember it's size/screen location when launching?
Right now it is always starting maximized.

Thank You

You can save it as your default lister (-> settings -> lister layouts -> save this lister) & set it in the preferences to start that layout, for example when starting by double clicking the desktop (-> preferences -> Opus start -> from desktop -> open saved layout -> ).

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If Opus is set to open the default lister at startup then you just need to do Settings -> Set As Default Lister from a window that is configured the way you want the default to be.

(If you follow Abr's suggestion instead then you'll get similar results, except then you'll be opening a named Layout at startup instead of the Default Lister.)

There's also an option, on by default I think, which remembers how things were when Opus is exited and restores those windows the next time you start Opus. So if you maximize Opus and then exit it, by default it'll open maximized again. You can turn that off as well, if you want.

Sorry to bump in here, but I get the exact opposite.

Even if I shutdown the system when DO was maximized, when I power on the system, DO shows up in a real small window in the middle of the screen.

Same solution. Set it up how you want it and save that as the default lister (or as the appropriate layout if you've changed Opus to open a layout at startup).