How to stop getting notifications

How do I stop the forum from sending me notifications when someone replies to my post?

I'm not talking about email notifications but real time notifications that end up in the Action Center.

I'm sure I've done it before. Seems like it was a Pause Notifications setting somewhere, but I can't find it anymore.

I found Pause Notifications here

but that's only a short term pause. I want to disable them permanently.

Probably here:

If it's just an individual post you don't want notifications on, use the bell icon near on the right of the post:


Thanks, but that's not it. It's not email notifications that I'm interested in.

Not an individual post. All of them.

It might be something you can control through your browser settings, e.g. for Chrome:

Check here as well:

Mine says I've denied permission for notifications, and that works for me; I never see them. I think Chrome itself asked me if I wanted notifications from the site, and I said no. There should be a way to change the answer in the browser, if not in the forum itself.

(I usually have the site open on a second screen, so notifications are just an annoyance for me as well.)

What I see there seems to indicate that I could enable notifications which would seem to imply that they are not currently enabled. Also I don't think I got any notifications relative to this thread, but I recently did for another thread which prompted the question.

If I'm not getting any now, for whatever reason, I'll leave well enough alone and com back here to investigate further if I start getting them again,