How to stop timestamp change when copying files

Today I was copying a number of files from my Win 7 64-bit computer to my smartphone using Directory Opus 11 and WebDav Pro. There were about two dozen files, with varied LastModified timestamps. When I copied them to the phone, the files no longer had the correct LastModified date but instead all carried today's date. I'd like to be able to copy files and keep the varying LastModified dates that appear on the files in my computer. Is there a relatively uncomplicated way to do this? (I did look in the DOpus manual, but I didn't find what I was looking for.)

Thanks in advance for your help.

Preferences / File Operations / Copy Attributes / Preserve the timestamps of copied files

If it is already on (it should be by default), it is possible you need to look for a setting on the WebDav Pro side.

Thanks, Leo, for your response. After reading it, I checked my DOpus preferences, and the preserve timestamp option was already selected. I then went into the WebDav Pro settings, but there was nothing relevant. I'm under the (admittedly vague) impression that I've also encountered this problem on occasion when I haven't been using WebDav Pro. :question:

I don't know about WebDav but I know via MTP not all phones support changing timestamps, so it might possibly be a limitation of the phone itself.

GoodSync is the only solution that I have been able to find. I use it to sync two Windows 7 PCs with two Android 4.3 Samsung Note 2 phones. You need the normal paid GoodSync installed on the PC, and the free GoodSync server installed on the phone, and instead of copying files, you sit at the PC and sync directories using GoodSync. The result is that the synced files have the same dates on both devices.

Thanks, Jon, for your response. I guess I'll just have to put up with the problem. What's a bit strange is that I used WebDav Pro to transfer the same text files from my computer to my Android tablet, and the timestamps stayed the same as they were on the computer. However, when I transferred the same files via WebDav Pro to my Android phone, all the timestamps changed to the date of the transfer. So it looks like the phone is the culprit here. :frowning:

Julianon, I didn't see your response until after I'd posted mine. Thanks very much for the suggestion! I'll definitely look into it.