How to temporarly extend a panel on a dual pane lister

I need this because most of the times the filenames occupy most of the visible space (and i can't make the fonts smaller because if not it's too small to read, and i have to use 1024x768) and in other file manager program i use there is a option to temporarly toggle full display on the desired pane.

The only two ways i found to achieve this was either manually resizing the vertical line that separates both panes on the middle of the screen with the mouse, OR toggling the lister view to display a single pane instead of dual display but this last one makes all the folder tabs to dissapear on the destination pane when i set this back to dual pane so obviously this isn't a solution...

Unless there is a way to avoid getting all tabs lost when switching from dual to single and then from single to dual pane display? If not, then what alternative have i to temporarly extend a panel without manually resizing the pane horizontally with the mouse?

(I'm assuming you want hotkeys from what you mentioned elsewhere, so the answer below ignores stuff you can do with the mouse.)

If you change the dual-pane toggle hotkey to run Set DUAL=Toggle,Remember it will remember the tabs/folders that were open.

Or you could switch to Dual-Horiz mode so the dual display uses height rather than width. (e.g. Bind a hotkey to Set DUAL=togglelayout)

Or you could set up two Styles, each with the panels sized differently, and make hotkeys which switch to one style or the other.

I thought we also had a command to adjust the splitter between the two file displays, but maybe I'm wrong; I can only find commands to adjust the viewer, utility etc. panels. I'll look into that...

Wow thanks a lot those are indeed options i haven't thinked of, the first one almost does the trick, but unfortunately it doesn't keep the focus on the same panel and folder after toggling to single and to dual again, SPECIALLY on the right panel, if this can be fixed then i would still prefer this solution.

Second solution so far is also good for me, but there is also a problem which is that dopus ONLY changes the shape of the panels and doesn't update the views on each panel to display the currently highlighted file, i have to use the cursor keys to make the display show the current highlighted file, for example try to "jump" to the last file in a folder with lots of files using cursor keys, and then toggle to horizontal panels. You won't see anymore the highlighted files BUT fortunately their keyboard focus isn't lost, so this is a minor problem and this alternative is still acceptable in case the first solution can't be solved. By the way i tried "Go REFRESH=both" but unfortunately the current focus gets lost in each panel instead of updating the view.

Regarding the third one, after all isn't such a good idea, since there is a limit to the size of the other panel, and i would like the full horizontal view, so i would prefer using one of the above solutions

So tell me if it's possible to solve the minor issues with the first two solutions you presented, i already tried some combinations of commands on each but wasn't able to solve them.

Maybe Set DUAL=Toggle,Remember,Right is more what you want?

Changing Preferences / File Displays / Options / Set new window to source when switching to dual file display may also help.

Depends exactly what you want. Adding "Right" to the command means the right-hand side will always be the one that closes, even if it was the one that was active at the time. That'll also stop the two sides swapping over if the right side was active.

Unfortunately it doesn't work like that, but i think that FINALLY i discovered how to do this :

When the left panel is active i use the following code to a hotkey :
Set DUAL=Toggle,Remember,right,dest
Like this i get the full view on the left panel AND after switching back to dual panel the focus still remains on the active panel before the toggling, and there is no swapping.

When the right panel is active i had to add a extra line and assign this to a second hotkey to use only when the right panel is active :
Set DUAL=Toggle,Remember,left,source

I think i know what is the problem here, i think this is because when we go to single panel mode, there IS NO right pane, maybe that's why the swapping happens, so the only solution to this was to add the GO SWAP command to the hotkey to use only when the right panel is active. Also that option in preferences has to be turned off for this to work so that won't help. Is there a way to prevent this swapping ? I ask this since i would prefer a single hotkey that works in both panels because like this i have to use two different hotkeys since i am unable to use commands to determine which panel is the active one and do conditioning.

That makes sense, and I don't think can be improved very much.

You could probably use @ifset:source=left (or something like that; I always have to look it up as I haven't used it much) to make a button which closes the correct side based on the side that is currently active... but... unfortunately, that only helps when closing a file display. When opening a file display there's no memory of which side it was that got closed earlier on. :frowning:

Short of kludges like making calling out to an external, which sets a file or env-var somewhere to store some state for the next time it is run, I'm not sure if there is a good way to solve this at the moment. (I could be overlooking something obvious, of course.)

I've created a feature request for Set DUAL=remember to remember which side the two file displays were on in addition to what it already remembers. I can't think of a situation where you'd want to use it and not have that happen, so I think it makes sense.

Ok thanks, for now like it is, is already good it's not much a problem having two separate hotkeys for this.

By the way "@ifset:source=left" has absolutly no effect, neither@ifset:focus=left has any effect, but most settings in DUAL do work... very strange that ifset only works in certain commands. Anyway i understand the problem you said, indeed it's not possible to solve at the moment, let's stay this like it is for the moment.

The next version will have a command for doing this better. Here's what I just wrote for the release notes (the commands mentioned obviously won't work yet, but they're in our internal builds now):

i know its old thread but only difference i want is that i want startup lister to have different size.What i could assume is that above instructions were for a hot key but i would rather want to use as default lister always..
attaching a file ..i want width of both the panels like it is in sure its possible but .how?

Size things as you want them, then use Settings > Set As Default Lister.

gawd that was easy..thx leo


Back long, long ago on December 4, 2011, you said "I've created a feature request for Set DUAL=remember to remember which side the two file displays were on in addition to what it already remembers. I can't think of a situation where you'd want to use it and not have that happen, so I think it makes sense."

Do you have a status for this? Thanks.

Hard to remember that far back, but it may have ended up being more complex than expected, as I don't think it was done in the end (and it's not still in the request list, that I can find).

We might take another look when we're less busy. Can't promise anything in the very near future as there's too many other things that need doing first.

That said, you could solve it now using scripting and a variable set on the lister that specifies which side to re-open the dual display on.