How to time shift in an easy way?

Date time - shift

Up front, I know I can use 3rd party software for this task, but it seems to me that I should be able to do this with Opus in an easy as well.

Have a number of files (non EXIF) and like to change the modified time xx minutes earlier.
Looked at 'Change Attributes & Times' but think it isn't possible there.
Probably I should be looking elsewhere, take some advanced action, I really wouldn't know.
Assuming it is indeed possible, may add that possibility in the 'Change Attributes & Times' ?


I think you can use the metadata panel's time shifting on both the standard and exif date fields these days.

Many thanks.

I know that page and tried to understand what I should do where and how and what possibly should be activated.
Am afraid though that it is less user friendly than the change attribute window panel.
So in the end I resorted to a dedicated tool, BulkFileChanger, where I can simply tag: modified, insert: -30, select:minutes and click OK.
Definitely no offense meant(!), but personally I feel something similar should be available in the change attrib window, being a logic place for such an action from my point of view.

Well, hopefully it will be considered in some future release.

In this window it is ...


It doesn't apply to that window. It's for the metadata editor.

You can make the metadata editor open as a separate window, or as a panel that's part of the lister. The metadata editor is separate to the Change Attributes & Time dialog which is a more simplified UI for just those few things.

You can ask Aussieboykie if he releases version 3.3 of his Touch script. [url]Opus 12 Detached Dialog "Touch" Script]
I have tested that version. He has added options to shift time by a specific number of seconds, minutes etc.

OPW62, if you want to try it you can download Touch v3.10 from here. It needs the latest Beta v12.2.7. Copy touch3_10.js to Script Addins and rename to touch.js. I use it daily and Amorax has tested in a different locale. Once Opus v12.3 is released I expect to post whatever version is current at that time.

Regards, AB

Many thanks Leo!

Please rest assured that I did try to figure this out myself first.
No doubt an omission on my side, but I hope, by now, it is obvious that I never went into / used the metadata-section.
For me: metadata equals photos i.e. exif/iptc stuff.

Sofar I have been using the combination of the Opus Attribute Change window, when it comes down to setting a specific date/time, or copying 'date from', and Attribute Changer (or BulkFileChanger portable) for a timeshift of normal files.
For photos I used ExifToolGUI.

@Amorax @aussieboykie thanks for the tip!
It looks very handy indeed and I'll definitely give it a try.


@Amorax @aussieboykie
As a kind of last 'remark': very nice tool indeed!
Thanks again.