How to turn off auto arrange/sort?

I have scowered the forums and cannot find an answer to this simple problem: I want to stop DOpus from auto arranging my files and folders. I would like them unsorted with the ability to move them around and position them in a particular order within a folder. I have been unable to find this as a preference in DOpus -- it only allows me to change the type of sort, but not the ability to turn it off. Any suggestions?

Please read this topic.

Thanks for the link. Seems like I took this simple Explorer feature for granted...hope the developers will consider this in future updates.

FWIW, you can no longer do this in Windows 7's Explorer either. As with Opus, you have to sort by something.

There is an option in Opus to add new files to the end of the list instead of sorting them into the list, but that's it.