How to unhide files?

I've found the box to uncheck to show protected os files in preferences - but -

I know there is a folder called $SBV$\ on my drive that contains many hidden files I wish to delete (created by a backup program I use). I KNOW the folders and files exist, yet I can NOT find them with Dopus. Help.

See Clear All Filters here:

Thanks for the quick reply. I've cleared all filters, but still unable to reveal the hidden directories. Sorry to be dense, I've worked in xtree, explorer plus, run a small tech company find Dopus powerful, yet hard to understand sometimes.

Do I have to custom program a button on the toolbar to reveal hidden directories?

If you open a Command Prompt and run dir C:\ /ah (change C:\ to whichever drive/folder the $SBV$ folder is in), does the folder you're looking for show up?

If not, what if you just do a [b]dir C:[/b] without the /ah part?

dir D: /ah


$Recycle Bin System Volume Info

I'm sure $Recycle Bin is what I'm trying to delete

It doesn't look like you have a C:$SBV$ folder, which would explain why it isn't showing up. (Unless I've misunderstood or assumed the wrong thing about a missing detail somewhere.)

C:$Recycle Bin is the standard recycle bin storage; you don't want to be messing with that directly, outside of exceptional circumstances and I don't see any connection between that and your $SBV$ folder.

Oh, you didn't try just "dir C:" on its own. If the folder isn't hidden then dir with /ah would not list it (as that only lists hidden items).

And can you confirm you are expecting to find the folder in C:\ and not a subdirectory or even another drive? It's hard to guess what to suggest without exact information.