How to use FAYT to implement functionality similar to Chrome plugin surfingkeys

How to use FAYT to achieve similar chrome browser plug-in surfingkeys effect, such as I enter G, will show Gr jump to the original folder, Gxx close other folders and so on. I think it's a great feature, you can choose different functions according to the prompt, you don't have to remember too many shortcuts, and you can expand the shortcut shortage.

It would be great if it could.

I've never used SurfingKeys and don't understand the description of what it does.

Hotkeys can already be triggered by a sequence of key presses, e.g.

I know there is such a hotkey, it does not autocomplete, nor can it pop up prompt labels, I hope to enhance its functionality. CAD software and stock software have similar functions, you can enter part of the custom code, number or number, pop up the corresponding function list. More and more I find dopus function is too powerful, set to hot keys I can not remember so much, if you can enter some custom letter keys, automatically pop up a defined list of functions is good

This is the effect of using surfingkeys. After pressing the G key, the code and prompt label of autocomplete will pop up in the lower right corner of the window. I hope this function can be added to dopus.

That could probably be done via a FAYT script add-in.

Those are a new type of add-in for Opus 13 that let scripts interact with FAYT: