How to use folder lock

I would like to ask how the lock tabs feature can be used. I just updated to the latest version, 12.22 Light edition and I followed these instructions which were found in the manual:
"Folder tabs can be locked in a number of different ways. Primarily, when a tab is locked, it always displays the same folder. To lock a tab, right-click on it and choose a command from the context menu's Lock Tab menu."

Right clicking on a tab did not show me any options to lock it:

Thank you

Perhaps it's a difference between Light and Pro? Here's my right-click menu for a tab:


I suppose that's it. Thank you for your help.
Would you be so kind to explain the behavior of the Locked tabs? Is it like a pinned tab on a browser without the ability to easily close it?

Thanky you :slight_smile:

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They have a few different options related to locking the tabs - which is really handy. I use a mixture of them in my standard lister.

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With Opus Pro you can prevent locked tabs closing via a script add-in: Acecool Proper Tabs - Prevent closing locked tabs

(Something we have on our list to make built-in in the future. The current built-in purpose of locked tabs is more about keeping them from changing folders, as described in the manual screenshot in the post above mine.)

Thank you :slight_smile:

It's been a while since the alternative solution was offered.

Has the respective feature been built into DO by any chance?