How to use Windows 11's default right-click context menus (as opposed to full context menus)

Is there any way for Directory Opus to use Windows 11's default right-click context menus, with the row of icons for cut, copy, etc?


I thought I'd hate the Windows 11-style right-click menus, but they've really grown on me. Now that I've reinstalled Directory Opus and have to see the full context menus, I miss the Windows 11 default style.

Any help would be appreciated,

Thank you!

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There's no public API for them that we're aware of. We'd have to reinvent them and mimic the style. And frankly given how hard it is emulating the original context menus I'm rather loathe to go down that track again.

Thanks for the quick reply. Hopefully MS will release the public API down the line or something.