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How to write to mp3 tags with a Button


trying to write to mp3 grouping tag with a button
so i can have a list like

Studio Albums
Singles, EP

select files select Album type then write to grouping tag
i found SetAttr META .... but i cant work out how to set this up

also found set metadata but no joy most of the stuff i found is very old
here is the answer for Album type
SetAttr META "contentgroup:Studio Album"

answer for two types is SetAttr META "contentgroup:Studio Album;Christmas"
so now the same album shows in Studio Album and in Christmas Album


With the files you want to tag selected you should be able to add tags like so:

SetAttr META tags:+"Studio Albums";+Compilations;+Singles

You can do this as an instant command (just type > and then the SetAttr command) or set up buttons to add individual tags.


the tag name i need to set is CONTENTGROUP so how to tell SetAttr META to write to this tag


From a very brief search it looks like you will need an MP3 Editor for that.


oh here is a list of tags can they bee added to Dopus ? or at least CONTENTGROUP


CONTENTGROUP is already there. See the help section Keywords for SetAttr META. If you need to write tags not supported by Opus you can use ExifTool, which gets along nicely with Opus.


thank you got it working with
SetAttr META contentgroup:Studio Album


one thing with
SetAttr META contentgroup:Studio Album
i only get the first word i have tried SetAttr META contentgroup:"Studio Album"


i found this in post with no answer .....
how do I add tags containing multiple word using SetAttr META tags? I tried
#1 SetAttr META tags:word1 word2
#2 SetAttr META tags:word1 word2;
#3 SetAttr META tags:'word1 word2'
#4 SetAttr META tags:'word1 word2';
#5 SetAttr META tags:"word1 word2"
#6 SetAttr META tags:"word1 word2";

#1 and #2 have lost word2 somewhere in the process.
#3 and #4 did the same with setting the tag to 'word1 at the same time.
#5 set the tag to "word1 word2 (including one of the unwanted double-quotes).
and #6 set the tag to β€œword1 word2” (including both of the unwanted double-quotes).


why I am at it i will ask how to add more then one grouping lets say you have Studio Album and you would also like to add Christmas Album to the same files using CONTENTGROUP

thank you
the music program i use uses a ; as a separator so the same album shows as Studio Album and Christmas


still can't get this to work


What exactly doesn't work sorry?


i only get the first word with SetAttr META contentgroup:Studio Album


You were close with the quotes, but they need to enclose the keyword as well as the value.

SetAttr META "contentgroup:Studio Album"


GREAT SetAttr META "contentgroup:Studio Album" WORKED so now how to add more then one contentgroup to the same set of files ? say Christmas Album

i tried SetAttr META "contentgroup:Studio Album" ; "Christmas Album"


great it worked in the end like this SetAttr META "contentgroup:Studio Album";Christmas Album

so now the same album shows in Studio Album and in Christmas Album


not quite there yet for two types yet SetAttr META "contentgroup:Studio Album";Christmas Album with this i get the two groups but Studio Album shows as Studio Album" with a " on the end


Try moving the quote to the end of the whole thing.


cool that was it thank you


got things working but now want to add a bit more
let say i have albums like this

Music\A\abba\cool songs\cd1
Music\A\abba\cool songs\cd2
Music\A\abba\best of \cd1
Music\A\abba\best of \cd2

and iam working in the abba folder

i have the the folders selected that are Compilation Albums

my button so far

1 Select *.mp3
2 SetAttr META "contentgroup:Compilation Album"

what to add to get this to work inside folders with out going in to them .. so do this to all Selected folders