How was this added to my system - lib://Pictures/iCloud Photos/Photos

lib://Pictures/iCloud Photos/Photos
How is this director added to my windows 10 system. I don't remember adding it. I found it doing a search on "photo".
I am using an iPhone 13 Promax. That might have something to do with it. I also have a director called:
lib://Pictures/iCloud Photos/Photos (Also not sure how it was added)

It's not something Opus added. You should also see it in File Explorer if you look in the Pictures library. (Note that Explorer can make it hard to find Libraries these days, and has other folders with the same names that aren't always the library, just to confuse matters.)

Presumably it was added by iCloud?

Yes, comes from iCloud.

It references the folder /mypictures\iCloud Photos resp. %userprofile%\Pictures\iCloud Photos. Also made by iCloud :slight_smile:

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Special thanks for the complete answer. I new someone out there had an iPhone.