I can't sort using Set Sortby=Description

I can't sort a folder using a button with the command
Set Sortby=Description SortReverse=Toggle
The effect of this command is to perform a reverse sort on whatever column I have sorted on before. The entry in the "Description" column seems irrelevant to the outcome.

When SortReverse=Toggle is omitted, the command does nothing at all, as would be expected, given the above behaviour.

The files in this particular folder are Windows .contact files. My columns are "Name", "Description" and "Modified". Adding further columns makes no difference. The content of each "Description" attribute is one, two or three words.

I can sort on "Description" forwards, and in reverse, perfectly well by clicking once or twice on the heading at the top of the "Description" column.

Am I doing something silly, or is the Sortby command perhaps not designed to sort on the "Description" column?

Try using "Set SORTBY=desc" instead of "description"

Perfect! It works! Thanks very much.

. . . and using your answer as a clue, I have just worked out that the command to sort a folder by "Size on Disk" is
Set Sortby=DiskSize SortReverse=Toggle

It took me quite a few guesses, however, to get lucky and arrive at the correct command. Is there an official list somewhere of these shortened forms of the column names?

No need to guess; use the menus in the button editor to build the command:

Thank you very much. So the solution to my problem was directly under my cursor all the time.