I discovered the coolest thing in Opus!

In Opus, you can create multiple nested folders when in inline rename by just typing \ or /. By passing the create multi folder dialog box altogether.

Now I am curious though, if there is a way to create multiple folders at the same level. I tried test|1|2|3 No luck. I wonder if its something else.

I love this software!


Not with Inline Rename, I am afraid. But with CreateFolder (Ctrl-N):


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Thats still cool. There are allot of internal commands just for this kinda thing too!

By the way, in the Create Folder dialog, you can not only create multiple at the same level, you can create multiples at various levels, like so:


I used to do this for work every single week. Pretty handy. (I thought about creating a button to do it, but it wasn't hard to do it manually and I only had to do this once a week.)

Just for completeness, you can also create multiples at the same sub-level:

It's not a bad idea :wink:
I request this...

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You can already so that in the Create Folder dialog.

Doesn't make sense with inline rename since the renamed file can only end up in one place.

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Wait, so in my example, I could have done this?


(Tested and verified.) Grr. I wish I'd read and/or paid attention more. I could have saved typing the date twice for more than half a year!

Oh well. At least now I know. :slight_smile: