I don't understand how to save different folder views

Hi, I'm new here. I'm currently trialling Dopus 9.5.3 because since switching to Windows 7, I've discovered that the previously functional Windows Explorer has been rather broken and has some really annoying new usability problems. The XP version was so much better...

Anyway, DOpus seems pretty damned good and I would definitely be in line to purchase this, if I could just understand how to permanently save specific folder view settings for any given folder. It seems very complicated, with all sorts of different options depending on what view you're in, or what layout has been saved, or whether or not you have auto-detect folder contents switched on.

I read the FAQ "HOW TO: Understand and Configure Folder Formats" and read a few threads on the forums but I'm still not much clearer on how to do what I want. Basically, I want to be able to easily (ie, one click) save the folder viewing options for any folder, and have that remembered when I return to that folder. For example, I'm a web developer, so I want to be able to save HTML folders in Details view, but CSS and images in Thumbnails view. This sort of works with auto-detect, but it gets into an awfully confusing mess if you try to force specific views for specific folders, with later changes overriding other folders that I previously set. Or if I switch Lister formats, folder settings are lost too. Can folder view settings be saved independently of Listers, and take higher precedence?

I don't know if this is buggy, or if I'm just not getting how to do it? I just want to replicate the folder behaviour of Windows Explorer under XP which would automatically remember different settings for every folder. Is this possible in DOpus? At the moment I seem to be spending way too much time trying to tame my folder views and I'd love to be able to solve this. Many thanks in advance.

Go to a folder you want to have special settings, set it up the way you want, then use Tools -> Folder Options -> Save -> For This Folder.

Hi, thanks for the tip. That seems a bit clunky, is there any way of setting this up to be automatic, or having a one click button solution?

There is no way to do this that I know of. However many of the folder format functions overlap with styles, and you can update a style simply by making your changes then right clicking over the appropriate style on the style tab bar and choosing Update.

Interesting. Do styles also save individual folder settings? I tried updating a style but it seems to apply the folder view to all folders, losing any of my specific folder customisations.

I just tried Windows Explorer again to check I wasn't imagining things. It does indeed remember each folder's view settings automatically. I wonder if DOpus will consider adding this feature?

Explorer seems to remember/use folder settings more randomly than automatically, at least in Windows 7. :slight_smile: I've read how it's supposed to work but still end up seeing folders in view modes I would never want to use and never asked it to use... But anyway...

If you want to request a one-click "save current format for this folder" button, or automatic saving, the place to do so is here:


Heh, yeah, I agree -- the randomness of Explorer's saving was the thing that annoyed me enough to look for other solutions. But I forgot that I have installed the Shell Folder Fix and that seems to solve a lot of the problems. I think on balance, currently Explorer works better for me than DOpus, but I'll certainly suggest the auto saving as a future DOpus feature as I think this would be extremely useful. Thanks for all the help everyone.

I was an old DOpus user on the Amiga many years ago. It was great to find it's still going strong :slight_smile: