I hate power mode, but it loves me

Somehow power mode lister keeps getting selected, and Im not selecting it.

I keep changing it back to details, saving as default lister, creating a named lister and saving it as default. But no matter what I do, power mode keeps coming back like a virus.

Ive searched settings for power mode as well.

Any idea how power mode keeps coming back?

That does not appear to be it. I found the root problem but not the fix.

It happens when DO is shell launched. That is, DO opens in response to an EXE saying "open this folder, or select this file". It also happens when I paste a path into windows run dialog.

As I open DO a lot via apps, I really need to find a way to fix this.

Somehow I got it fixed. But now I cant get the preview pane to turn off in the saved settings. I've tried closing it with the x and via menu, then using folder options and even wiping out all existing saved ones and saving for all.

But every time now I open DO, preview pane is back......

I finally found how to stop auto play of videos:

I could not find this by searching help, and settings doesnt find it since its in a sub dialog. (not sure how to make that better)

Are there hot keys available for plugins? I need to disable auto play of videos.

  1. Can I make this setting per folder? ie some folders auto play, others not.

  2. Are there keyboard shortcuts to start playing and other video functions? (Googled and checked docs)

That will open the Default Lister, and if you follow all of the instructions in the guide, it will modify what happens when the Default Lister opens for a folder.

If you're launching something other than the Default Lister (e.g. a saved layout) in response to other ways of launching Opus, that will complicate things, since you may need to update them as well, but launching a folder via the shell will always open a copy of the Default Lister (if it opens a new window at all; if you have Opus configured to open a new tab in an existing window then it's a little different, but the guide still applies).

The guide/FAQ definitely works, unless you've done something unusual with your configuration (e.g. installed a script which switches to power mode after changing folder, or something like that).

Power mode is also never used by default, so what you're seeing will be the result of something you've configured, and can be undone in the same way it was set up. But the guide covers almost all possible cases. Don't skip any of the parts of it as they all matter.

I somehow fixed power mode.

I think I almost have the preview problem fixed. It seems to be related to having commander selected instead of explorer, but this time when I tried to save the settings DO just locked up and I had to kill it in task manager.

Nope... didnt hang but now its stuck in commander style. Either this is far more complex than it should be (yes Ive read the docs, and I shoulnt really need to do that for something as simple as this), or there is a bug or something here.

You can edit styles via Preferences / Layouts and Styles / Styles which gives you a full overview of what they do and do not change, and what they change things to.

That UI gives you more detail and control than you get when saving over an existing style using the Lister menu.