I have a folder in which Find doesn't work

The source code for the original Wipeout on the Playstation just got released. I downloaded it from https://illusion.64history.net/2022/wipeout-psx-windows-source and extracted the contents. When I try to use the Find utility to search through the source files for text strings, it never finds anything. If I search just for filenames, it's fine. If I search for any text content, nothing is returned.

My settings are the same as after 'Reset' has been pressed: 'Name matching' = , 'Wildcards' = on, 'Any word' = off, 'Partial match' = on. Containing text = , 'Wildcards' = off, 'Case sensitive' = off. 'Type' = All files and folders, no subtype. 'Search inside subfolders' = on. 'Date', 'Time', 'Size' = Ignore.

It's because all the files in that archive have several random attributes set which makes Opus think they're offline files (and by design Opus doesn't try to search offline files).

The easiest way to fix it I think is to open a DOS prompt in the root of that folder, and run the command:

attrib -x -p -u -o * /s /d

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That indeed worked. Thanks.

A couple of things though...surely an offline file is a local file, so why wouldn't it search those?

And shouldn't the "Change Attributes & Times" dialog be updated to include the P and U flags?

The attribute is kind of confusingly named (in Windows it's called FILE_ATTRIBUTE_OFFLINE); what it means is that the file isn't stored locally, but has to be retrieved from remote ("offline") storage first. Originally this meant tape backup, but nowadays almost always refers to cloud storage.

Those attributes are not normally set by the user - they're managed by the file system. Exposing them to the user would only lead to confusion as in this instance!

In the context of cloud storage, they can be managed using the SetAttr PIN and SetAttr DEHYDRATE commands, but they don't do anything in normal folders.

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Thanks for the clarification.

I've made some changes to the archives plugin which should help here. We'll filter out the attributes that don't make sense for files within archives and were confusing things.

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