I have requests to re-edit hundreds of my posts. Why?

I think, i just have re-edited maybe 40 or 50 of them, but there are more keep coming in. Sorry, but what ist this? I can't imagine, that i handled hundreds of my posts wrong. Mostly i chose 'answer', type my stuff, and click 'send'. So how come, that i have to work through more than a hundred posts all of a sudden? Is it automatically generated? I will leave the rest like it is for now. I had 30 minutes of re-editing posts, and there is almost no difference visible after i did. Cheers! :beers:

Moved from v13 beta sub forum, which is gone.

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You don't have to do/edit anything. It's just informing you they were moved.

Ok, lol. So i don't have to go through all 8000 of my posts. Thanks!

No. :slight_smile: Just click Dismiss at the bottom of the list.

I had already prepared for a long night, when i discovered that button.


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I received a few too.
I didn't get any for my School German though.

This bothers me.
What is a forest seagull ?
It can't be a Waldvogel .

So maybe,
Die möwe auf dem wald ?

hmm, not sure. What would be the original expression? We have lots of seagulls around here, but always close to the water. Maybe an amsel? What would be a blackbird. They are originally birds from the forest.

Are you referring to herons or egrets?

African or European egrets?

I assume you're asking about unladen Egrets?

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Yes, it is far more difficult.

I'm glad this thread is off topic.
There are also beach nesting birds, Piping Plover and Snipe.
Of course there are Herons ad Sandhill Cranes.
Then far south of here there are Common Moorhen, a favorite alligator lunch.,

Here is my favorite, Whooping Crane, which biologists are attempting to save from extinction.
These are biologist raised juveniles and are hopefully learning to migrate south for the winter.

From English to German, this is very difficult .

Amsel waldvogel

Or maybe Snowy Owl waldvogel although they like lakes.