I like Directory Opus


What is the windows theme name ?
And the dock in top (date, shorcut, system, poweroff...) ?

Top bar is Informer for Yahoo! Widgets (with ObjectDock in the middle):

Theme is Muin VS by lassekongo83:

Looks good - some interesting ideas.

More information would be useful to others I'm sure.

Fonts used? Icons used? Anything else?

Thanks Steve!

Well, the icons are all of the Tango variety. Most came from deviantART, others from elsewhere on the web. I used something called Tango Patcher that I found on deviantART which customizes system, folder, mimetype, and other icons with Tango style icons. It also modifies bitmaps throughout the system with ResHacker, even changing tray icons and the shutdown dialog. It backs everything up and adds an uninstaller making it easy to revert to the original Windows icons.

Font is AvantGarde LT Medium, which is the defaut font for the visual style I'm using. I normally wouldn't think of using this font, but it works quite well for the file display, and even remains very readable at the small point size I'm using for the menus.

This setup has been several months in the making, but I'm finally reaching a comfortable place. The toolbar on the right can be toggled on/off. Clicking a button opens that folder in the source pane, while right-clicking it moves all selected files/folders to that place. A few toggle buttons in the top right switch between the few view modes I use. I use a single, maximized dual-pane lister almost exclusively.

All files are color-coded by type, making it easier to tell things apart. All menus are highly customized, including filetype-specific context menus and drop menus.

I have also incorporated apps like ImgBurn, TrueCrypt, locate32, Sandboxie, 7zip, Universal Extractor, RegFromApp, and others into toolbars and menus. It's very efficient, and has definitely revolutionized the way I use my computer!

Any other questions, just ask :slight_smile:

Not a font I have for some reason - thanks anyway.

i think it's an Adobe font...

how do you create a button that called the Edit File Types window and automatically selects that filetype?

The command is FileType EDIT

My bad. I was looking under Prefs FILETYPES and didn't see a further option.