I saw the Giraffe

Whats my prize, lol.

Let me guess: you copied stuff, and now it's a giraffe instead that puma?


I discovered this yesterday (about 12hrs ago as of this post) and no one had posted... i knew i should have (but forgot in the end). Funny little easter-egg.

I've seen a Flamingo, Crab, and a pig and one i couldn't identify as it was the first and i was questioning my sanity. lol
DOpig DOflemingo DOcrab


How to find the easter egg?

Long copy operations. Not sure of the exact timing, something like every 30 minutes a sprite will run along the copy dialog graph.

Do I have to worry because of the white Sheep?..
It ran through the copy progress dialog and it looked funny! o)

Thank you! o)

You only have to panic if you see a dinosaur.

Ok, so it's just to spice things up a bit? o)
Do the various animals have a special meaning?

Is it a public beta feature? I never had animals before, first time appearance was yesterday or the day before, after I installed the public beta.

I spent some time with the hand hovering over the PrintScreen key to fetch the next sheep.. then my arm got tired. o)

Opus 12 had an animated cat in beta versions, which a few people talked about on the forum.

That cat didn't work with dark mode so we were forced to replace it.

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Feature request: when copy speeds drop and it's getting very slow, you can show a turtle.



Ok, so the animals will go away at some point, with a major release?

I wouldn't mind if they stay! o)

They'll always be in beta versions, same as the old cat.

So I guess I will see them again, since beta versions is what I use most. o)

12min intervals if my estimates are correct (thats just from the first time i discovered them estimate.. it was a 557GiB file copy).

I saw a Tiger


Does anyone else vote for including an option in Prefs PAGE="advanced" to keep the animals in the stable versions as well?

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I would not mind! I have no real pets.. o)

I didn't see any of the new ones yet, but yes, make them ubiquitous.

:slightly_smiling_face: :beers: :+1: