I think its important to disable ctrl+z by default

Hi , great program , just one thing which gave me lots of trouble .

Made a new Folder in opus , then saved a few different versions of a photoshop file in there , then pressed ctrl+z becasue i wanted to go back in photoshop but had opus still selected (i was dragging a file from opus into photoshop, didnt autoselect phtotoshp window ) -> bam , the whole folder deleted with all files in it , mind this was 1 1/2 hours later after creating the folder .. all work for nothing .. i think its very dangerous to enable ctrl-z by default .. because this happend a few times more , lucky only with a moved files but it was still a hassle to find it and copy again ..

or changing it to ctrl-alt-shift-z , without proper "redo" its too dangerous especially with files

thanx for listening

You should get a delete confirmation, unless those have been turned off, which would be dangerous if you aren't extra careful.

There's always a risk of triggering unexpected hotkeys in the wrong program if you aren't careful about which window has focus when you push the key. That's not specific to ctrl-z; the same risk is there with del and other hotkeys.

i get a confirmation when hitting delete though ...

well i´ve disabled undo hotkey in opus completely now, if i ever need it ill just use the menu ...

i think theres a difference between photoshop/word/whatever with (unlimited) undo/redo compared to a file system with no redo at all , like i said the folder was already filled with new files and it was still deleted

The deleted folder should have been in your recycle bin, unless you've disabled the recycle bin as well.

thanx man , it was there! dont use the recycle bin often , maybe twice a year and always just with the delete key , so i dint think of it.