I want a button in the toolbar to "Show hidden items" (i.e., all hidden items)

In XYplorer, there is a handy little button in the toolbar called "Show hidden items", which when pressed, shows me all hidden stuff. How can I achieve this in DO?

I went to Settings > Preferences > Folders > Global filters, and unchecked
(×) Hide hidden files, and
(×) Hide protected operating system files

... and yet there is a hidden folder in my folder that is not being shown. It is a folder, whose name is preceded by a dot: "."

The ability to show/hide hidden files/folders is pretty standard/important, and I think a built in button would be a good idea!


Options to toggle both those settings are in the standard Folder menu (near the top-right of the default toolbars): Show System Files and Show Hidden Files.

Next to them is also a Clear Local Name Filters option in the same menu which remove any other filters applied to the current folder tab in addition to the two global filters.

Excellent, thanks!

I just have to say "Thanks" to both of you - this morning I had the same question and found this post from just yesterday. I kept re-reading the dates because I couldn't believe it-