I want to add a column attribute iscloud, when sizeauto is greater than disksizeauto, it is 1, other

Like the title, I found that the availability status in dopus is inconsistent with the availability status in explorer, and sometimes cloud files are also displayed as local files. I want to assign the state to dopus myself, and add the attribute column iscloud. If the file size is larger than the disk space, the file is in the cloud, and the display is 1. Otherwise, the file is local and the display is 0. Does anyone write this requirement?

You can use scripting to add custom columns which do pretty much anything you want:


But the method you've described would flag most files as cloud files, as the disk space a file uses is often slightly larger than the actual file size, due to cluster sizes.

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Thanks a lot for your answer, although I've been using Dopus for a while, I don't know much about scripting. Right-click in the lister to open the property column - file size - disk space (automatic), you can find the disksizeauto field, but the metadata in the script is not the same, I didn't find how to call the disksizeauto field in the script