I want to type a Fullwidth Question Mark but the codes don't work

I can't get Alt+65311 to work and I am typing it with the Numpad, and I can' figure out what I'm supposed to do with U+FF1F.

Earlier today I decided to try again to fulfill a lifelong dream to to add question marks to the names of files I create in Word. I came across articles that mentioned the Fullwidth Question Mark and even saw Leo suggested it in this forum. I copied it from the internet can copy and paste it between files, but I can't seem to type it directly in DOPUS or Word Save dialogs.

I have always found it ridiculous that Windows computers can handle voice recognition and more recently AI, but have a fit if i add a question mark to a file name. I know it's because of the internal file naming scheme in windows, but for cripes sake I bet the roots of the problem go back to MS-DOS and they should just fix it. BTW, it also means you can't use a colon and type times correctly in filenames.