IbDOpusExt causes Directory Opus piracy detection

Hello, I am a genuine Directory Opus user from China

is an extension for Directory Opus.
Its Size column via Everything feature works great for me.
However, after use IbDOpusExt, it will trigger piracy detection and affect the display of long file names on the C drive.
Can you improve the way to detect piracy in the future? Or can the official launch a convenient and quick function of displaying the size of the folder?


Those are all things that should be submitted as feature requests if someone wants them.

We don’t support other programs modifying our code in that way, but they all seem like things we could easily add to the program as official features if they’re requested with more information.

For example, what is the “dependency bug” with plugins? No one has ever reported that to us as far as I know, and plugins work fine.

OK, thanks
Looking forward to subsequent updates, the size of files and folders can be displayed conveniently and quickly in the property bar

If you want changes, please request them with full details. (One thread per request, unless they're closely related.)

It's hard to tell exactly what that software does just from the Github page, especially as a lot of the information isn't in a language I speak.