Icon as overlay with details+thumbnails mode


Would it be possible to add icon overlays on the Thumbnails that are displayed in Details+Thumbnails mode. It is already being displayed in Thumbnails or Details mode but not when they are combined together.

Thank you

You can have the icons next to the thumbnails if you want. There is an option in Preferences. They're hidden by default since they are often the same as the thumbnail.

I prefer if I use Details+Thumbnails to only have the Thumbnails and the file name and not to have an extra icons next to the file name that is why I would like to have the overlay on the thumbnails (which is in my case is not the default icon). I would like it to behave the same as if I use Thumbnails mode.

I have a Microsoft shell extension that show an overlay on the icons if the file or the folder has Alternate Data Streams attached to it. In details or in Thumbnails mode there is a small gray symbol on the left side of the icon or the Thumbnail. In Thumbnails+Details mode this overlay is not shown on the small Thumbnail.

That's what the option for turning on the icons is for.

This is how it looks in Thumbnails mode...

I apologize but I have to correct myself. I have checked it again and it seems that in Details+Thumbnails mode the overlay does appear but if the folder has a CoverArt.jpg file that makes it a Music folder in this mode the overlay is not shown but as you see in the picture in pure Thumbnails mode it does appear.