Icon link to a Win 7 Library

I want to customize Opus 10 to add an icon linked to a Windows 7 Library I created (eBooks). Since this isn't a single directory,but a library, how do I create that custom icon (I have the icon on the DO toolbar, but don't know what should go into the Function box, e.g., Go "c:\whatever")

Thanks for any help.

The command will be Go "lib://Music" for the library name you want.

If you drag a library to your toolbar while in customize mode, Opus will create the correct command automatically. (The same thing works with most types of folders.)

The command for that would be Go lib://eBooks. The simplest way to do this is to drag the library or folder to the toolbar in Customize mode.

Fantastic! Thank you Leo and Jon.
It's especially neat that I can drag & drop the library or folder. DO continues to amaze me.

Is there anything GPSoftware didn't think of? (rhetorical question)