Icon size issue

When changing the rename button to a 'three buttons' the size of the button changed, despite my choice to use the small button size. This messes up the entire toolbar.

How can this be?


Look at the three buttons inside of the three-button. The top-level item will be sized to fit whatever is inside it.

I suspect one of the buttons inside it has its label below its icon.

I suspect one of the buttons inside it has its label below its icon.[/quote]

Correct, one of the labels was set to default. It looks better now but I still have some annoying whitespace next to my label. I've solved for know by hiding the label...

I don't quite understand why the visible top-level button must have room for hidden buttons within itself.

Thank you, Nudel!

The sub-buttons are shown when you click on the top-level button, which is why there has to be space to display them.

The alternatives would be either the toolbar buttons moving around when you click things (nasty!) or the sub-buttons being clipped when you click them (not great if you needed to see the full label to confirm the action you're about to do before letting go of the mouse button).

As it is, if you want the sub-buttons to use less space then simply change their labels to something shorter, or to the same text as the top-level button's label if you don't want the label to change at all when the three-button is clicked.

I must not be understanding what's being said here, but when does this happen?

When I (left) click a three-button button, the appropriate left click action is performed. When are the sub-buttons shown?

They're shown when you click them, until you release the button. If you click quickly then you might not notice it.

Duh! I also might not notice it if I'm not displaying labels :blush: