Icons in the taskbar

(This text is translated from French by google, so I hope it will have done its job well!)

I am not a crack in English and google does not want to translate the pages of this site to me. I therefore work a little blind in the forum and ask you to excuse me.

I'm testing Dopus under Seven and it doesn't look bad at all...

But I stumble on one thing (among others).

In Windows Explorer, I assigned different icons to various folders.
When I open one of these folders with Explorer, I have in the taskbar the tab with the appropriate icon + the name of the folder. Normal.

But, when I open it with Dopus, the icon is replaced by the proprietary icon of Dopus and each open window has the same icon (but of different color however). Not terrible.

The question is therefore "How to display, in the taskbar, the icons that I have chosen in the tabs opened by Dopus?"

Well, I look forward to your wise answers, thanking you in advance, because I can't sleep at night!

Turn on Preferences / Display / Options / Use current folder's icon: