Icons not displayed correctly

I've created a special icon for some images. I've named it "vakantie" (holiday) and connected then (via "Define Label Filter") to some of my images.

Now, when I open the folder, most of the images have the right icon, but not all. When I press F5, DO updates the icons and now (some other images) don't have the right icon. Everytime I press F5 it seems that FO randomly refuses to display the right icon.
(there are 368 images in my folder; all of them should have the "vakantie"-icon but 14 don't. Press F5: 10 don;t. Press F5: 11 don't. etc.

Thanks in advance.

Something does seem to be amiss with the addition of icons to labels in
Preferences - - > Favorites and Recent - - > Files and Folders"
as added in the latest update I hope my description of the situation may be helpful.

I have a system of copying my Windows 7 .contact files wirelessly to my Android as .vcf files using GoodSync, then opening the .vcf on my phone to produce a contact (complicated, but at least it avoids Google). For some months, I have had a "RecentContacts" label filter that emboldens and colours all the .contact and .vcf filenames, and their containing folders, that have been modified since the last date that I copied. Each time I update, I change the "Modified After" in the filter to the next day's date. It all works perfectly.

I have my contacts arranged as individual .contact files in 12 subfolders of D:\MyData\Contacts, and the "RecentContacts" filter emboldens and colours both any individual file that I have updated, plus the folder containing that file.

This morning, when DOpus V10.5.1.1 came through, I added the GoodSync icon to the label. It doesn't work. Interestingly, when I change directories, I do get a flash of GoodSync icons next to the relevant files and subfolders, but those icons disappear after about half a second, to be replaced by the standard Windows icons. The emboldening and the colour prescribed in my filter, however, haven't changed in all my experiments.

I tried some other icons and favicons that I had saved --- same result.

Present Label State:
Selected text: A dark yellow selected
Icon: The GoodSync icon (saved on my D: drive)

Present Filter State:
Date Match Modified After 14/04/13
And Full Path Match D:\MyData\Contacts* (Use wildcards)

It seems to be related to what i found:

[url]A problem with the new folder icon labels]

Thanks for both of your reports, this was due to some timing issues with multiple threads and should be fixed now in

Yes, it all seems to be working now as it should. The changed icons are displayed on both the files and folders specified by my filter. Thanks very much!

Thanks from me, too. This is a great new feature!