Icons problem

I use directory opus for some time with XP and I never had any worries. Since I have vista, my icons in Explorer does not normally.
In XP, they are 48x48, but with Vista, not to have them in 48x48, 32x32 are in.
I hate 32x32 icons because they are too small. How can I do that in vista they are 48x48. I hope I was clear enough in my explanation.

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Perhaps this post (Vista): [Large Icons mode - how to change icon sizes RESOLVED)
Or this one (XP): [How to change default icon size for Large Icon mode?)

thank you, but this does not work, I tried ^ ^


I always have the same problem, even after making the changes.
Does someone has the same problem.

when I met great mosaic icons or the icons are still small. by the records against job and trash, an option appears in "icon mean, and then the icons appear in big (strange). by against this option is only for desktop and trash panel.
I am still looking.

Sorry for my English

I'm not sure, but DOpus probably doesn't use the correct icon size in Large Icons View in Vista? Windows Explorer uses 48x48 icons,
even when you set the view mode to 'normal icons'. DOpus uses 32x32 icons, even in Large Icons View. But when you browse to
the desktop in DOpus, the 48x48 icons are used in Large Icons View:

is true, but I want desktop icons appear great but in all my tabs and not only on the desktop. I know I'm annoying but I am a perfectionist ^ ^.

You can use thumbnailview instead and resize the thumbnails to your preference.

Hello, I would restart my topic with the arrival of the new version. Can we now appear to be very large icons (48x48) for all folders?

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In windows by default :

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In dopus :


[quote="Maximus74300"]In windows by default :

In dopus :


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Comparative :