Idea for a function, "auto scroll page"

Maybe this would be a neat function for the folders settings. When i scroll through a list of music, reaching the bottom, pushing the down arrow would bring up the new items one by one, which is not preferable. If i use PageDown as an alternative, the focus will stay in the same position at the end, whereas it would better start at the top of the new page. So what i mean is some kind of "gapless" PgDn (or PgUp) mode to scroll trough lists.

This fits in with some ideas we've been thinking about, although I can't see when/if or exactly what shape they may eventually take at the moment.

In the meantime, pushing PgDn and then PgUp will have the effect you're looking for, and can be done very quickly if you get used to it, since they're next to each other.

Cool. There is more stuff out there, which could have a new option, like the "endless loop" option (arrow down on the last item goes to the first item etc.).

Indeed. But it misses the upmost item. :smiley:

It shouldn't in 12.0.15.

Yes, you´re right. It just looked, as if, because there was some overlap between the pages. If i push PgDn, it selects the second last item in the list, which may vary with the windows dimensions. I don´t want to experiment now, because it´s aligned with my Rainmeter window. Anyway, the jump is correct.