Idea: Get file date in file-attributes and -times editor

Hi all.. o)

For changing a files modified/creation date, there is one scenario which lacks some comfort I think.. o)

It is: Altering the modified/creation date just a bit (add 1 or 2 hours e.g.)
Here I need to type 28 keys and re-enter the complete date information into those date fields, because there is no button to set the date-fields to what the current file modified/creation date is. If there was a button to read the file date into the editor, it would take me 3 clicks to add 1 hour to the date/time information and be ok.

Maybe there is some clever way to even get some copy&paste of date/time functionality with that imagined "read date" button or internal function.
You would open the editor "read the date from file", exit the editor (not with "ok"). Select another file and now hit "ok" in the editor. Currently it always remembers the last dates used, which is handy in that case.

Maybe you find this useful as well.
Have a nice day.. o)

You can use the metadata panel (or window) for that. It will display the file's current date and time and you can edit it as needed.

You can also make commands that add/subtract a set amount if you want a one-click way to do that.

Ah yes, that meta-panel! Thanks for reminding me, I think that'll do the trick for adding/removing amounts of time at least.

Still, it would be kind of handy if there's a quick way to copy & paste those date information, as even those datefields (in meta-panel and attr-editor) do not allow copy and paste. To my eyes, this kind of copy&paste of time/date information is of a general type, maybe its's worth thinking about some built-in functionality?

As long as it's not, I think I should have a go with the new scripting api.. o)

Ways to do that are in these threads:

Copy/paste timestamps and apply them to selected?

Copy Timestamp from file A to files B, C, D

But aehm.. We don't want rename-scripts anymore, don't we ?!..
Just kidding!.. o)

Thx! I'll have a go and try the new api.
Having a real usecase is always better than tinkering around without a target.. o)