Idea: having right/left arrow keys to expand/collapse the new spring loaded folders

The topic says it already. Being able to use the left and right arrow keys in the lister, which don't do anything at the moment, would be a nice enhancement for keyboard oriented users.

The left and right arrow keys scroll the list left and right if it has a horizontal scroll bar. They also move the selection left and right in the icon modes.

By default Alt plus the up/down arrow keys expands/collapses folders.

Hmm, both Alt-arrow combinations were assigned to Go Back / Go Forward, but after i unchecked them, it still doesn't work (same with the (Alt-) num pad arrows). Also, i can't delete those two combinations for some reason, they're greyed out.


e/ maybe you mean in the tree, where it seems to work. But i ususally have the trees off.

The commands are go expandbranch and go expandbranch=collapse.

Very neat. Thanks Jon!