IDEA: Nav-lock automagically create folders

Obviously not anything super-duper urgent; just something that occurred to me & I thought it'd be nice if whilst using the navigation lock, if there was a flag or something that could be used such that if one side doesn't have a folder to descend into, that could be (attempted to be) created.

Does that make sense to anyone? It happened as I was looking to copy over to my dev-drive the most recent versions of clinical documents from a mass of them, all saved in a rats' nest of directories. As I was cruisin' the production tree, I would have to stop to create a folder on the dev side in order to continue the linked navigation. Meh, wasn't the end of the world, just would have been nice. :slight_smile:

Interesting idea. You can do this using a script, which I've written.

Download this and drag it to Preferences / Toolbars / Scripts:

NavLock_Folder_Create.vbs.txt (1.89 KB)

(Requires Opus 11.8 or above.)

UPDATE: The script above is old. A newer version has been posted to the Script Add-Ins area: NavLock Folder Create.

You sir, are gold! That's amazing! Thank you!!!

Since my script-fu is still pretty basic, I'm going to sit down & peruse your code once I'm done at work. :slight_smile:

I had a situation yesterday, where this would have been handy. o)

Leo, do you mind if I reupload your script with some minor tweaks into the scripting area? Just in case you aren't keen in doing it yourself. o)
In a support thread like this, such a little pearl will be forgotten very easily I assume.

Sure, go ahead.

A newer version of the script has been posted to the Script Add-Ins area: NavLock Folder Create.

w00t! :smiley:

Same situation cropped up the other week with a completely different set of files & the script triggered without me remembering that I'd set it up to do that. Made my day! :smiley: