If only Opus could be pinned to the desktop (fixed z-order)

Hi forum,

many dozen times a day Opus gets in my way because there is no possibilty to keep it as a "background window".

Opus spans all of my tree monitors all day long, and every time I'd like to look up or do something in one of the three Opus panes:

...of course, Opus jumps in the foreground, covering up every other program's window on all of the three screens.

So, if anyone knows of a tool or hack that prevents certain programs/windows from changing their window z-order, I'd be more than happy to know. It would be sufficient if Opus would be brought to the foreground only when its titlebar is clicked (like with TXMouse, which however doesn't work with Opus, of all things :confused: because of a problem with Opus when the Windows X-Mouse setting is active).

Thanks already

Opus, of all things... and parts of Windows itself.

Pardon... :question:

aah I see you mean there is problems with some Windows things when you activate xMouse.

Anyway, still open to any hacks that can keep a window down in the z-order.

OTOH I must say that the Opus Lister window is the only window of all the about umpteen zillion windows, dialogs, controls, whatever, that I have seen in the last 10 years, which jumps to the foreground when you click into it (while TXmouse is running).

Thus, there must be something non-standard in the way Opus draws or handles its Lister window -- something only Opus does and no other program known to man...

If I only knew what that was, then possibly I could work around it...

We've been over this already. :slight_smile: Your link went to a page with comments from people complaining about other programs and parts of Windows itself. It is far from just Opus which has a problem with the hidden XMouse setting in Windows.

It's simply not a supported feature of Windows and causes problems with parts of Windows itself. You can't blame Opus or single out Opus here without being wilfully blind to the many other reported problems when that hidden setting is turned on.

Looking for more hacks to modify the behaviour of window focus & z-order in probably just going to cause more problems, IMO, but maybe you'll find one that works.

The way I see it, you have to accept the way Windows works when it comes to fundamentals like how things react to being clicked by the mouse, even if it isn't perfect for all situations. Having come from AmigaOS, where input focus and z-order were independent concepts, I also found it irritating that windows always came to the front as soon as they were activated in Windows, but it's one of those things that you can't fight as it's too much a part of how the whole OS, and all the applications and frameworks written for it, has been designed.

Just my 2 cents, of course. It is your computer so you can try whatever you want on it. Just don't blame Opus when it doesn't work. :slight_smile:

Yes but to be correct I didn't say Opus is the only spot where there are any problems with the x-mouse setting. It is however the only program that behaves different from every other program or window in that it doesn't stay in it's z-order where every other program or window does so. I note this not to blame Opus but only to find out WHY this is so (in order to possibly work around it).

Not entirely true because x-mouse is not a hidden setting but was and is an official Windows feature in the "Ease of Access Center" -> "Make the mouse easier to use" -> "Activate a window by hovering over it with the mouse.

Understood -- but that tool TXmouse actually does offer some (unknown) but obviously very simple and reliable way of fixing the z-order of all windows no matter what you do inside them (other than clicking in their titlebar). Unfortunately and strangely as I said, with the sole exception of Opus.... :cry:


OK let's forget this part because just now I found another "deviating" program. WordPad from Windows 7 also doesn't conform to the fixed z-order behaviour when you click inside the text. (WordPad XP running on Win7 however does).


... now awaiting the fixed z-order feature :sunglasses:

See discussion here:
actualtools.com/forum/read.p ... 1&TID=2168

...and feature explanation here:
actualtools.com/windowmanage ... esktop.php

Regards David.P