@ifpath Modifier in drag'n'drop event

I tried to add the @ifpath modifier to the drag'n'drop event of all Files and Folders, but it seems like it is not working.

I tried to have copy if inside RAR-Archive and move in any other case

@ifpath:*.rar copy @ifpath:else copy move

Am I doing something wrong, or is the modifier not working inside the drag'n'drop event?

That command looks correct and works fine in a button, but not in the drag & drop event, so it looks like @ifpath doesn't work with drag & drop right now.

Ok, than this should be a feature request.
@Leo: Could you give a hint how the current feature request process works? As far as I remember in the past the support form could be used for feature requests, but now the support info just directs me to the forum.

You don't need to do anything special anymore, just post ideas to the forum from a linked account (as you've done) and they're considered proper feature requests now.

any news on this?
is it on some kind of "planed feature list" or is it just too exotic?

No news that we are ready to announce, but we do have plans for something which will cover this.