@ifpath with ~

in Drag'n'drop Action for "all files and folders"

is working


is not.

Am I doing anything wrong or is this a bug?

I would prefer the second non working one, as the drag'n'drop infotip then shows "move" instead of "copy" which is true most of the time.
As a side question which will be a workaround for this problem, is there any way to "set" the drag'n'drop infotip?

Drag & drop to/from archives is handled a bit differently, since only a limited set of commands can work in that context. I think Opus is working out whether the command looks like a copy or a move and then doing a vanilla copy or move, probably without considering the @ifpath stuff. It'll be using the same mechanism as for deciding whether the drag cursor should say copy or move, which is just using the first command in the button.

The @ifpath:~(*.zip) wildcard works in general (try it on a button) but it will be ignored in drag & drop actions involving archives.