Ignore Path for Favourites/Recents

Is there a way to get Favourites/Recents to ignore all directories containing a certain path/drive and not list them?

For the Recent list on a menu, you can have lists restricted to certain drives, and so could do the reverse and have several lists for each drive you want to include, and miss out the one you want to exclude. The paths would then be grouped by drive, of course.

For the Smart Favorites list, I don't think there is a way.

(I'm assuming you mean Smart Favorites, since normal Favorites only show the things you explicitly choose to add. If you do want to filter the normal Favorites, you can filter those by the branch they appear in in the Favorites list, if that helps.)

If you're looking a feature to add - the ability to exclude paths/drives from Smart Favorites would still be useful to me.

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