I'm Loving DOpus 13!

Hi DOpus Team,

I just wanted to let you know how much I'm loving everything about v13, including the upgrade process!!!

I remember the pains of upgrading from v10 to v11 and losing my customizations. I was bracing myself for a repeat but, much to my pleasant surprise, the v13 upgrade upgrade recognized and kept my customizations!

My upgrade was for two licenses and, again, much to my pleasant surprise, when I got to the second PC, it had already recognized that I was licensed for v13 and all I had to do was just install (i.e., no need to install the new certificate). I was impressed!

After the upgrade, the only thing I had to do was remove the "Search" and "View" toolbar items that were right-justified on the menu bar because I already had those items on my customized toolbars.

Overall, for me, a very flawless and seamless upgrade and I'm loving the new features in v13 (especially the expandable folders! :slight_smile:).

Great job and thank you!!!


Thanks! It took 20 years of people complaining about the upgrade process for us to fix it, but we got there in the end :wink:


Yes Cheers!

I've been using dopus sense 2020, a newbie and not really what you'd call a power user, think i barely understand 15% of what this software can do for my media hoarding and its wonderful! I love it, learning something new every day! i would be completely crippled on windows if ever had to look at file explorer again.

Thank You Much!


Yeah, I can't do without Dopus. I am a user since v10 and once I got the feel back from the good old day of Norton Commander, it is truely the best add-on for Windows. I can't understand why Microsoft hasn't contacted them to be bought out and replace Windows Explorer with Dopus. Perhaps for the better as MS could mess it up again LOL.


I've been using DOpus since my Commodore Amiga (around 1995) and haven't had a machine without it ever since, if I were to stop using it I suspect it would feel as if my arm had been amputated.

Good job on the upgrade process, seemless for me. Great work as always.

If there is a loyalty bonus I'd like a baseball cap please :slight_smile:

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