Image for wildcard format isn't applied?

I did the following:

Specify a path format for T:\ and a wildcard format for *.rar having an image configured. But unfortunately the image isn't shown as long as the path format is enabled.

If both a Path and a Wildcard format match a folder, the Path format will be used.

(The Wildcard format may still add some columns to the folder, if the Path format has Include columns from other matching formats turned on, but the Wildcard format won't have any other effect in that situation.)

To do what you are trying to do, I think you would need to replace the Path format with a second Wildcard format, and give it a regular expression which matches everything below the specified folder except archives.

Nice idea, thanks for the hint. Will give it a try tomorrow.

Here comes the (untested) regex if somebody is interested ...


Does TR1 support negative look-behind asserts:


or inline case modification:



It doesn't seem to have those (from the docs) but I think a negative assert could be used instead.

Yes that's right! Thank you very much!

In case somebody is interested in having special background images for archives (without conflicting other path formats) here is the appropriate regex (that has been tested for several month now).