Image from connected android in Dopus picture viewer

Just some feedback. Not a big problme for me.

I had my android (I think the version is 6; its a Samsung Galaxy S5) connected to the PC and navigated to the images folder (where my camara images are stored) and opened a jpg image from there with a double click in Dopus, opening it in the Dopus image viewer.

Result: The first time, Dopus froze and I had to kill it, but that could have been my fault. Thereafter it did open the image but gave me some error message in a pop up regarding some illegal path or name or something like that (opening a copy of the image in this way, located on our network path, behaved normal). I could click the pop up away and still admire my awesome image and be fine. But I just wanted to give this feedback so if someone else has noticed something similar it could be worth to investigate this further.

BTW, the internal file preview displayed the image without error or problem.

Yes. Same error like in this thread.

Yes, that is it.

BTW, on a related level, Dopus now froze again under certain circumstances trying to navigate to the android device. I think I had the phone connected and then restarted Dopus. I had to kill it and reconnect the phone.

Would have expected better of the WE replacement flagship. WE does a better job with android. Please improve soon.

Opus 11 never had this error. So I guess it's just a little bug and part of the growing pains of a new major release. MTP isn't such a great protocol anyway and the connection is slow. I usually just connect my device, let Opus move files back and forth, and then use files locally.

The issue of the "invalid path" error message will be fixed in the next update.