Image sequence "stacker": image.[1-500].iff

Hello all,

I often work with large image sequences. I already know how to use wild card selections but I would really prefer if file sequences were recognized by Dopus and, for example, a file sequence like:


was displayed as one item instead:


This would make a world of difference in my workflow.
I would easily copy, move, delete (and ideally
rename) sequences without having to select all the files each time and scroll through pages of files to find the start and end frames (some of my folders contain several sequences and thousands of images).

This compact way of listing would be great but ... how ?

Any help would be more than welcome.
Thanks in advance.

I don't think that's possible.

You could create a button/hotkey which lets you click on one of the files and then click the button/hotkey to automatically select all the others. That would save you from all the scrolling.

If it was me I would put the files into folders, one for each sequence. Then you can work on them as a group (including copy, move, delete and rename operations) easily.

Hi Leo,

Thanks for your reply.
Would it be tricky to write it as a plugin or is it intrinsically a problem with how Dopus only wants to see one item per file ?

A plugin could change the way files/folders are displayed, collapsing each range into a single "file", but you'd then have problems passing the real list of files to anything else.

So you'd get the ability to copy/move/delete/rename things as a block but not much else would work (at least not without a lot of VBScript glue around every command you wanted to run on the files). e.g. Rotating or resizing all the images or passing them to Photoshop would become complicated at least...

Putting the ranges into folders would give similar results with fewer limitations, so I don't think a plugin would improve things.

Nice and clear. Thanks for all the infos !