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Frankly, I feel slightly embarrassed asking this... but eh.. after double clicking an image, how am I supposed to crop it? It seems there is a crop feature, but it is greyed out for one reason or the other.

Alternatively, I would like to use SnagItEditor. I have added SnagItEditor.exe to the toolbar at the top of the viewer. Likely I should add a kind of parameter so as to have SnagItEditor launched and open the file in viewer(?)
Just SnagItEditor.exe doesn't do the trick..


Note: obviously, with the image displayed, I can, of course, run SnagIt separately and make a capture from what is being displayed in the viewer, but I assume that it should also be possible to crop from within the viewer?

You have to select the region you want to crop to first. Shift + left mouse drag, by default.

Type "crop" into the manual's search tab and it finds a couple of pages with more info if needed.

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Many thanks.

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