Image viewer re-centers on zoom

I have the "center viewer window" set so that the image viewer opens in the center of the screen, because that's how I like it. However, it is often necessary for me to keep one or more open images in view while I work, so I arrange them on my screen accordingly. My problem is that, when I scroll an image to zoom in or out, the image viewer moves back to the center of my screen, so I have to keep repositioning it.

I couldn't find anything in the settings to control this. Please tell me that there is a way to keep the image viewer in a fixed position when I scroll to zoom, even with the with "center viewer window" checked.

Meaning, the "center viewer window" should only occur once for when I open an image.

Turn off Preferences / Viewer / Appearance / Auto-size viewer window..., or set it to To fit the first picture, and the viewer won't move or resize when you zoom in and out or change images.

I want the viewer to resize, and I want it to always fit the pictures - those are very helpful features. However, when you have "center viewer window" checked, the viewer sets its anchor point to center and moves the window to center screen.

With it unchecked, the anchor point is set to the top corner of the viewer and so the viewer will only move as much as needed to display the entire picture, depending on your zoom.

I want that the first time I open an image, it should go to center screen but after that, it should ignore the "center viewer window" setting.

There's no way to do that, at least currently.

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