Image Viewer Toolbar > Button to Open w Default Association

Would be cool if there was a button here (red circle above) which opens the current file with the system default app. The button could be labeled Open with Default Program, and have an icon that has an open folder and an arrow.

Perhaps I'm missing a quick way to do this already, but sometimes when I open an image with the DOpus viewer, I want to immediately open it in its system-associated app (eg. Photoshop). Currently, I have to close the viewer, and Alt+Double Click or right click and Open With...

Bonus suggestion: Add this functionality with a new item in the File menu of the viewer as well.

Bonus question: is there a way to add custom button currently to do this?

You can edit the viewer's toolbar and menus (and hotkeys) to do this.

The command you want for the buttons/menus/hotkeys will be one of these:

FileType ACTION=shellex
FileType ACTION=dblclk

(They usually have the same result, but work in slightly different ways. The first is more like double-clicking a file outside of Opus. The second is more like double-clicking a file within Opus.)

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