Image viewer usability improvements

Sorry for the non-descriptive title but this request consists of 2 items I think would make viewing images better experience:

  1. The ability to hide the "hourglass" or circular loading thing on the cursor when using the dopus image viewer. It's quite distracting when you're scrolling through images and the viewer is so fast it seems unnecessary.

  2. The abililty to use the scrollwheel within the preview pane for the next file/previous file function. Basically scrolling with your cursor over the preview pane would allow one to move through the folder, file by file.

No one else wants the scrollwheel function? :unamused:

I guess most users don't use the preview pane for picture viewing (diashow), but the (larger) viewer instead, which supports scrollwheel.

I use the preview pane all the time, but I select files by clicking in the file display or with the cursor keys. In fact, I usually use it to quickly view the file that's already selected.

(I use scroll wheel or space/backspace to change files in the standalone viewer, as there's no file list there.)

Yeah I suppose it's an odd use-case. In the mean time I've figured out an AHK script that almost replicates the behavior I was talking about. The only catch is that it's based on an active dopus window and not on whether the mouse is over the preview pane so while the script is active scrollwheel can't be used to move the file list.

#IfWinActive ahk_exe dopus.exe

SendInput, {left down}
Sleep, 100
SendInput, {left up}

SendInput, {right down}
Sleep, 100
SendInput, {right up}

You really change images in the preview pane more than you scroll the file display?

That would only work in Thumbnails mode as well, I think, since it's going left and right not up and down.

You could make AHK run an Opus command which selects the next or previous file, and checks if the preview pane is open, although I'm not sure how well it would work in terms of delay etc.